Trout Lake Club runs activities in the community house and has a snack bar staff and life guard working from June 22- Labor Day in which our snack bar closes and our beach is no longer life guarded.  From Memorial Day to June 22 is our Spring season and we do rent cottages, but don't run activities, our snack bar is closed and our beach is not life guarded.  You can swim at your own risk!  From Labor Day to Columbus Day is our Fall season and we also rent cottages with no activities, no snack bar hours and no life guard on duty.  Swim at your own risk.  Our row boats are always available, life preservers are required for each person in the boat. 


Spring/Fall Rates:

Weekend (Includes 4% Occupancy tax)                Week (add 4% Occupancy tax)

One Bedroom:                               One Bedroom :

Two Bedroom:                                  Two Bedroom:

Three Bedroom:                                                Three Bedroom:

Perch/Turtle (waterfront 1 bedroom):          Perch/Turtle:

Summer Rates:

Weekly Rentals Mainly (Rates not including 4% Occupancy Tax and 7% Sales Tax)

One Bedroom: Range from $647.00- $759.00

Two Bedroom: Range from $797.00- $1007.00

Three Bedroom: Range from $988.00- $1185.00